Help and FAQ

LibreCall is an Ad Supported Mobile Application that saves you money by helping you maximise your “On Net” Call and Text Plans, or “Unli Promos”.

LibreCall has an address book sync mechanism that replicates, value-adds and repurposes your mobile address book into an enhanced, highly instinctive user experience and provides an array of user-friendly features to deliver you more value.

LibreCall takes the guess work out of trying to figure out and remember to which mobile network operator all your contacts belong by displaying the Operator Logos beside each thereby allowing you to instantly identify which network they’re on (i.e. Smart, Globe, TM, Sun, etc). This in turn let’s you maximize your unli-call and unli-text plans by knowing whom you can call or text for free according to your Unli Promo.

For now, LibreCall only works on most Android devices. Apple/iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone coming soon!

You can go to whereupon you’ll be directed to the appropriate Application Store (eg, iOS App Store, Google Play), click on the download link and follow the installation instructions.

For now, use of LibreCall is entirely free. We reserve the right to introduce a download or subscription fee in the future and for further information, please see the Terms of Service.

Note: regular call, texting and data charges outside your unli promo may be levied by your mobile network operator depending on the conditions of your mobile/unli plan and have no direct connection with your use of LibreCall.

LibreCall syncs with your phone’s Address book so, as long as the person who you’d like to add appears in your phone’s contact list, they’ll appear in your LibreCall contacts along with their associated Operator Logo.

Make sure you have the latest version of LibreCall installed. Allow two to three minutes for the sync to take place. Sometimes, if you have a very long contact list, LibreCall will take longer to sync your contacts.

If still in doubt, please restart your device and try opening LibreCall via the icon on your device home screen. If none of the above solves the issue, suggest you uninstall LibreCall and re-install.

No! That’s the great thing about LibreCall. Once installed, you don’t need internet access via wifi or 3G to use LibreCall! You can still save money and make FREE calls or texts according to your Unli Promo by using LibreCall to identify the Mobile Operator Networks used by your friends, family and contacts.

WIFI access is needed though to use LibreCall’s linked communication features via Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Viber etc.

WIFI access is also needed to get our latest version updates and to receive our excellent partner promos.

The more the merrier! We’d love you to “Spread the Word and Share the Savings”, and guess what? We’ll even reward you for doing so by stripping out the mobile ads and giving you the premium Ad Free version for absolutely no cost! Here’s how you do it:

You can also easily find us at: or

So tell all your friends and contacts and make others happy, spread the word that you can save up on your unli-call and unli-text plans.

Yes, LibreCall is an Ad Supported Mobile Application.

Advertisements are tailored made to suit your taste and needs. Our third-party vendors aim to inform you of their latest and hottest trends and promo’s to save you time and money.

Yes! (see 9. above)

We welcome potential and additional Advertisers on LibreCall, you can reach us through ( We’ll get in touch with you to discuss company profile and rates, if applicable. We reserve the right though to deny Ad placements if we view that it is not right for our consumers and may be detrimental to LibreCall and our other third-party partners.

As soon as possible you should call your mobile provider to lock your SIM card. Then, it will not be possible to verify the account on that phone again as you need to be able to receive SMS or phone calls to verify an account.

After you have locked the SIM in your stolen phone, you can use a new SIM with the same number to download LibreCall on your new phone. This is the fastest way to deactivate your account on the stolen phone.

Yes, you can still use most the Address book functionality and calling features of LibreCall, but wont be able to avail of the cost savings of your local country Unli Plan whilst abroad. You can still identify the Mobile Network Operator used by each of your contacts and conduct searches for local numbers via the Look Up feature.

Absolutely nothing as LibreCall is a duplication of your device Address Book and your original Address book remains entact.

The syncing of your device contacts may not be immediate, depending on the schedule set in your preferences. Please navigate to Settings -> Preferences, then adjust accordingly.